Concrete Caulking

Because all building materials change size as their temperature varies, the need to introduce movement joints between parts of the structure, using flexible compound is imperative. Differential movements must be taken into account if damage to the structure is to be avoided. If this is not done, the results can causes two independent structures to come in contact, cracks will develop and water will enter and thus damaging the integrity of the entire structure.

Caulking is a process which involves a provision of expansion and control joint or articulation joint between parts of the structure, thus they remain independent. Keeping debris out of the joint ensures that the joint is true and the parts of the structure are not in contact with each other.

Caulking sealants are flexible and made from either silicon or polyurethane material. Apart from providing structures with differential movement, they also are great solution to seal gaps for thermal insulation and noise mitigation.

author: MC Building Solutions

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