Structural Strengthening

Many existing structures such as buildings, multi-storey car parks, industries structures, bridges or other infrastructure may require structural strengthening. The reason for structural strengthening may stem from the following: the age of the structure, the change in the use of the structure, or a structural defect/error that occurred at conception.

When deciding on the structural strengthening solutions and methods, it is important to initially consultant with a structural engineer and then engage a specialist contractor that has the experience necessary to execute the scope of works.

Carbon Fibre is a new age structural strengthening solution that is versatile and offers performance that is far superior to steel in terms of strength to mass ratio. Carbon fibre is easily installed and insures for flexibility in the structure once it has been applied. Furthermore, carbon fibre is a certified structural strengthening solution that has also been fire tested to Australia Standards. Other added benefits with using carbon fibre is that, the product is highly durable and practical as it has the ability to be installed or applied in limited access areas without compromising its strength.

MC building solutions offers an extensive range of resources and the experience necessary that will guarantee a smooth delivery of any structural strengthening solution.

author: MC Building Solutions

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