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salted caramel apple cake

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You can also use vegetable oil with good results. I just used whipped cream for the frosting. Thanks for publishing the recipe! This easy apple cake recipe is a winner! I made the salted caramel, but it was a bit too salty for us, so I made the recipe again without the salt. He also has Down syndrome. Made this today! Easy Salted Caramel Apple Dump Cake Steps: Spray a 9×13 baking dish with non-stick cooking spray and pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Home > Recipes by Category > Cakes > Salted Caramel Apple Cake. I put some apple filling (homemade) between the layers and i use salted caramel (coz i am big fans of salted caramel) and also i make almond crumble for topping. But then I tried this easy  Caramel Sauce recipe from Chef Bobby Flay and I think it’s perfect with this cake. Im a rookie baker haha just want something different for thanksgiving. This cake is a masterpiece! It was wonderful, a real party in my mouth. OMG this looks amazing!!! I would start checking them around the 15 minute mark just to be safe. My caramel sauce never changed color following your directions so I remembered in the post that you said you used Bobby Flay’s recipe. Oh and the leftover caramel…was a VERY nice bonus. Oh, it was delish, but not everyone likes buttercream in our family. This cake is the epitome of fall and your taste buds will love you for making it! I wanted to love this cake, having read the reviews that wax rhapsodic about its many delights. This looks aaaawesome, and loved your Hudson story… :o). It was lots of fun to make and *just* challenging enough for a newbie  I almost lost faith in the frosting but if yo keep working it it will thicken, haha. Apple Cider Cake is like going apple picking but not having to get … I reduced the recipe to 2/3 of the original and it yielded about 21 cupcakes which took 20-24 minutes in my oven at 325 degrees as originally instructed. The cake looks amazing, moist, so rich and perfect! I got on your site to look at cakes to make and you’ve posted a perfect one for me to try! what did i do wrong with the buttercream? Side note- this is my favorite cake I’ve ever made. My question is will this cake freeze very well? Add the milk and cream and cook over medium heat, whisking occasionally, until the mixtures comes to a boil and has thickened, about 10 to 15 minutes. Hi Maryam, I have not tried to do those substitutions and am not sure how they would affect the cake. Is it only 40grams of flour. I’m not sure why the caramel wasn’t shiny — but caramel is funny like that. Thank you Michelle. I’ve never done a flour based frosting and I’m worried it won’t set up but every time I’m patient and wait a few minutes and check it in the mixer it’s thicker. Aside from its impressive appearance, no one was blown away. Will try this at home for my lovely husband :). Do you think this recipe would work well for cupcakes? I’m currently baking my way through all of the Baked books, can’t wait to get to this recipe. Salted caramel sauce will thicken up as it cools. Thank you so much for posting this recipe and the mouth-watering photos Michelle – I was looking for inspiration for the office bake off and think I’ve found it! This fall I’m wanting to bake apple cake, apple butter, apple sauce, apple dumplings, anything apple sounds wonderful. So combine butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and store-bought caramel sauce. The cake itself was to DIE for. And I said “Do you want cake?” And very clearly he said “Cake!” So I cut him a big ‘ole slice. I would love it with the salted caramel butter cream frosting, but do you think a tasty alternative could also be that amazing cream cheese frosting you made for that incredible carrot cake you shared with us? Hi Margaret, I haven’t tried making cupcakes out of this, so I can’t comment to the potential outcome. Allow the cake to sit at room temperature for at least 2 hours before serving. I was so upset I couldn’t even go back for the rest of the week. Oh my gosh indeed, Michelle.. This was a similar idea and it is so creamy and silky–I LOVE IT! Certainly a different and special cake, but not worth the hype, and after a pound and a half of butter – I think I would want more return on my fat calories. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! It's the perfect simple fall treat EVERYONE will love! Hi Natalie, I don’t know that the substitution will work because of the difference in texture. But do you think I could bake the cake all in one pan and then cut it into 3 discs? Did I let it dry out too much when thickening it? This cake looks amazing and is perfect for the fall season! However living in New Zealand does offer a few challenges when finding substitutes for some ingredients. Frost the sides and top of the cake with the remaining frosting. Then when I tried to assemble the cake I think the layers were the tiniest bit still warm so the entire thing fell apart. Thank you so much. 3). It is so tender and just wonderful!!! Mix well. Moi aussi j’adore l’automne pour ça ! I have social media buttons including Pinterest on the left side of the site, wondering if they are not showing for you or if you can’t see them for some reason. I dumped out the clear sauce and tried it again, this time I went to Bobby’s recipe and following his recipe and it was PERFECT!! I think it’s worth trying with a hand mixer though if that’s all you have. I put some apple filling (homemade) between the layers and i use salted caramel (coz i am big fans of salted caramel) and also i make almond crumble for topping. This cake, by contrast, has been specifically formulated to work with applesauce. very. I would not substitute honey – it has totally different properties when baked, and it would significantly alter the texture of the cake. of baking soda. Apple Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting. I’ve had to give up or tolerate a second-best in flavor/texture most of the time more foods I love than I could ever count right now. Please do share as I’d love to make it too. Hi, this looks and sounds amazing. Bake until a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean, 45 to 55 minutes, rotating the pans halfway through the baking time. The sugar will melt into the water and the entire mixture will come to a boil, with the sugar fully dissolved, while the sugar is still clear. Put 2/3 cup water in the bottom of the saucepan, dump the sugar into the center of the pan (allow it to mound in the center) and turn on the heat. I was recently put on a diet by my doctor because of some issues I’ve been having. Add the apples, shortening and eggs to the flour … My father-in-law already requested it for his birthday in February. This looks delicious! Would there be any significant changes? My daughter and I made this cake today. Also how long does this cake keep for, whether or not I I end up having to make fresh applesauce or not? With a knife or offset spatula, spread the top with frosting. First of all, I LOVE your blog. Wow! They came out wonderfully. This is a very good cake, worthy of special family gatherings and events! Anisa – The Macadames.xx Is it very soft? I just prepared it as the directions state. In one sitting. I love spice cakes and I did find there was a nice apple flavor. You have done an outstanding job again!!!!! They’re visible to me, but hoping they’re visible to everyone. In a large bowl, mix together gingersnaps, sugar, butter, and salt. Hi Jessica, I think for the cake, yes definitely. Is there something specific you’re trying to achieve? I halved the recipe and tried them out as mini cupcakes. The cake….another story. How long did it take for the frosting to reach the fluffy stage? Hello!! Everyone loved, loved, loved this cake and I will be making it again. I don’t know what happened to the buttercream. I do have confidence, wish you were here! I know this comment is a little late to the party but I had to say thank you! He faces me, locks eyes then exhales and giggles. I know it’s technically not Fall yet, but I don’t think it is ever not the season for this delicious dessert.A perfectly spiced, tender and moist, quintessentially Fall apple cake sandwiched together with cream cheese frosting covered in a homemade salted caramel … It was covered by cake and caramel sauce so no one really saw it.It’s an unusual frosting formula – somewhere between traditional and Italian buttercream? It assembled tall and beautiful. Seriously, this is the best looking cake I’ve seen. I don’t usually like such a sweet cake so I’ll probably not make this again. Enjoy the cake! You said to be patient with the frosting. I have made a flour based frosting before but can’t remember how sturdy it was! I had 6″ rounds so it came out to 4 layers which made a beautiful tall stacked cylinder. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates. I guess I have to settle for making this beautiful cake myself. This cake will not disappoint any of your friends and family. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the baked, boys — I can’t wait for their newest book, later this month!! Cotton Candy and Caramel and Candy Apples are one of the FEW treats I can still have in their original state. All the ingredients are mixed in one mixing bowl until just combined. I did not make my own caramel though. and if so cooking or desert apples and what consistency and would you sieve it? Hi Michelle, I am a big fan of your work and have tried many of your recipes and had great results and compliments. I sure could use a slice of this gorgeous cake with my morning coffee! I have never made real caramel before so I’m thinking dulce de Leche might be an easier way to go to try out your frosting. You truly appreciate the little things in life, which are often the most important. LOVE!!! Also, have you got a recipe for the salted caramel? Add milk and salt. Pinned! Easy Caramel Apple Dump Cake recipe, the best fall dessert with fresh apples, caramel, and a yellow cake mix. But…..its not very often you give such overwhelmingly high praise for something as you have this cake AND based on your husband’s enjoyment of the cake AND the rest of your family I’m willing to trust YOU because I’ve been following your blog longer, for YEARS, than almost every other one in my very very long list. (Re-heating the caramel sauce will thin it. The taste was good, but not extraordinary. Hi Wonderful!! I didn’t use this buttercream recipe, but instead made a cream cheese/whipped cream frosting :). Such a sweet story! One year ago: Tzatziki Sauce Would really like to know if you can’t see those social media buttons on the upper left of my site, because if you can’t, I’ve got to get that fixed ASAP. I was left with a very coarse crumble. Preheat oven to 325° and grease an 8" or 9" springform pan with cooking spray. Thanks for the recipe! I made this as my wedding cake (adjusted to feed 65 people in two tiers), and it was a complete success! I only have 9″ round pans, how long should I bake the cake for? What kind of apples do you use? I would marry you just from those two recipes alone, but alas, I am a man for men. I live in the Netherlands and we dont have it. One slice is sure to satisfy all of your salty-sweet cravings! Hello! Heaven. Can the layer cakes and/or the frosting be made a few days ahead and then assembled the night before? What I have also done personally is install the Pinterest extension for Chrome in my browser and then I can go up to the browser at any time and pin any image on any page on the net. Frost with Salted Caramel Frosting once completely cooled. With a knife or offset spatula, spread the top with frosting. Keep up the delicious work. Refrigerate the cake for 30 minutes, and then pour the salted caramel sauce over the chocolate ganache. Once you couple that with the 3 sticks of butter, it was just overly heavy for us. To make the cake, combine the flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg in a large bowl and mix well. Did you have any problems with your frosting? I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend! Hi Monica, I’m not sure what type of decorations you’re planning to pipe, but it is a softer frosting. Really well made, lovely blog too. This sounds sooo delicious and those pictures and that cake slice are absolute perfection! Hi Morgan, Since you are making this for a fundraiser and can’t afford to have a “re-do” I really recommend using the whole milk. This cake took my baking skills from “pretty good home baker” to “they will think I got this at a pastry shop” level. And while he doesn’t have many words in his vocabulary, this little boy’s communication skills rival mine. this cake is as fabulous as it looks! Many of yours have become favorites of mine. Instead of adding the butter to the cooked flour/cream/sugar mixture, I whipped the butter and vanilla, then slowly added the cooled flour ‘pudding’ in parts to the butter. So that’s how my day started out so beautifully. 4. Thank you so so so much! The cake was moist… Too moist, as it turns out, for our taste. Instructions. Cel. Serve the pie with the remaining salted caramel. I’ve told you before how he quietly tiptoes in, left for school on his little yellow school bus. It’s one of the BEST dump cakes ever partly because it uses FRESH apples and not the super sweet gooey canned apple … Then I stirred it and waited a little longer. 1. Remove from oven and let cool on a rack 20-30 minutes until warm. So glad everyone loved it! I want to reach in and eat it! Whereas it was completely baked through, it almost felt like it wasn’t. Love, love, love this cake! Do you think this frosting will keep OK if I make it in advance and store it well chilled for a few days before frosting the cake? Easy Caramel Apple Coffee Cake features a brown sugar cinnamon apple cake layered with sweet streusel and topped off with salted caramel. 4 cups of flour = 482 grams (?) Thanks in advance, This sounds delicious. The frosting came together beautifully and it sure didn’t take 20-30 minutes of whipping! Comments of how gorgeous, but people said watching sugar – but then they took cupcakes (from another recipe form our site). I go to the state fair, local county fairs and even trick or treating to find them – just kidding on that last one. It seems like blasphemy not to create this gorgeous cake as it was originally intended… but would it be possible to make this as cupcakes (making sure to decrease the baking time)? I will post out the pic on my instagram and will tag you! I get that the caramel would not come out right and I’m guessing the frosting wouldn’t either….but…thoughts on at least the cake portion? I, too, will have to make my own applesauce, since Taiwan doesn’t seem to have it, but I found slow cooker recipes for it, looks simple. Frost with Salted Caramel Frosting once completely cooled. I also spiked the caramel with cognac.The frosting was kind of a broken disaster visually, but still tasted good. You have done it again – now I will be thinking about this cake until I can make it…hmmm better get to the store now! Place the bottom layer upside down on the serving dish. I’m not a huge fan of cloves so I only used 1/2 teaspoon of cloves and allspice and I thought that balance was perfect for me. I want to make it again, but as mini-cupcakes this time. This is a very good thing. I used McIntosh but you could use any good baking apple like a Granny Smith or Cortland. I used coconut cooking oil in this recipe. The layers look so perfect and that frosting looks so good!! Grease and flour a 9x13 inch cake pan. Hudson had breakfast and left for school on his little yellow school bus and then I baked this scrumptious Salted Caramel Apple Cake. The frosting was delicious, having been laced with the salted caramel from this website. So glad you dropped by! Make sure your base of milk, sugar, and four thickens enough on the stove. I tried this cake and it was AMAZING!!! Also, your salted caramel sauce recipe was perfect as well. Hi Linda, So happy to hear you’ve enjoyed this. And they’re very easy to bake too. . In a small bowl, combine the 2 cans of apple filling, the cinnamon, and the nutmeg. I just want to have a tiny bite. - Marcel Proust. Pinned it until I take the time to actually make it… Thanks :). I made this yesterday for my husband to take to work and received a lot of love back for it — including a proposal of marriage :-). This will give you a nice flat top. Make the cake: In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream the butter … I will post out the pic on my instagram and will tag you! I then added the salted caramel sauce. If you click that Pinterest button — all the pinnable images on the page, including the official pin for the recipe on Pinterest should come up and you pin from there. Hmm…ok, thank you! I’m about to make a gluten-free version to die for. Easy Caramel Apple Coffee Cake features a brown sugar cinnamon apple cake layered with sweet streusel and topped off with salted caramel. Tqsm Olivia for the best apple cake … Salted Caramel Apple Sheet Cake by Handle the Heat Ingredients – Cake 2 cups (254 grams) all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 … I might start checking after 25 – 30 minutes or so. Trying to decide if I need to go buy unsalted to make this. Will definitely gonna try them, my kids will love them :). Glad you found a foolproof caramel sauce too! holy smokes that’s a beautiful slice of cake!! I am SO glad I stumbled on it in my files again as it ended up in a VERY bizarre spot (I thinking my computer must have crashed at that point) which I think was somehow meant to be. Salted Caramel Sauce In a medium-sized sauce pan stir together 1/4 cup cold water and granulated sugar until combined. I bet it is absolutely divine! Can’t wait! Fall has finally arrived in New England in all its regal splendor. Looks yummy. My fall cake eating will never be the same again. I had a very BAD experience this past summer at our carnival in town with salt and caramel and its caused me to be very very wary of wanting to make ANYTHING anymore with this gourmet salt trend that’s big right now. He was one happy guy when you cut him that slice. I believe it probably was. Pinned. We may receive a commission if you click and purchase something. Salted Caramel Apple Cake is a fall treat that is hard for anyone to resist! Thanks, Michelle! I do think that cream cheese frosting is always fabulous, though. It’s perfect on top of this pretty apple cake, wish I was eating a slice right now! I have made many recipes from your site and love it. And then that cooked buttercream that’s spiked with salted caramel sauce…WOW! Any suggestions? You say this is one of the best five cakes you make. Besides, the apples ARE healthy for me, right? Made it and everyone is loving it!! With just a little bit of extra effort, this was way better than pre-made cake mix! I was a newbie at making caramel sauce and I aced it :)  The buttercream icing is a show stopper. Just let it come to room temperature before filling and spreading. Thanks again for letting me know. So glad this was enjoyed by your family! It really does take patience, it was pure soup when I started and now looks like slightly loose frosting. A sweet, hot caramel glaze is poured over an apple cake in this delicious caramel apple poke cake recipe sure to impress your guests. I’ve never seen anything like it before! Great job, MIchelle! I so love a dense cake, and am blown away by the texture of this one! I just bought a jar of unsweetened applesauce from the store. It can be enjoyed on its own, or slathered with a silky luxurious salted caramel frosting, for caramel apple … Have a great day! Pour the batter over the apples in the cake tin, then bake for 40 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean. 3. This is a wonderful recipe and something that I am dying to do for my birthday. Also, for this mug cake, you should make a batch of salted caramel because you’re going to need it in this salted caramel apple spice mug cake!. Immediately. I would love to make it for my daughter’s second birthday. She explained why mixing the flour pudding into the butter, rather than vice versa, achieves better results …. Take care. The other half of the layer was more like a sweet bread texture than a cake. Increase the speed to medium-high and beat until the frosting is light and fluffy. So much for my will. Ooooeeee!!!! I’m VERY curious to know if they’re also on my list and the types that most people enjoy the most. Every year around Halloween and Thanksgiving, I begin to search for a caramel apple. I baked them at 325 (w. convection) for maybe 35 minutes? Can I get away without having a standing mixer fitted with the paddle attachment? I’m thinking this cake as a cupcake would be a smash on a Thanksgiving dessert buffet table. I have not used a low fat milk and am not sure how the decreased fat might affect the final product. <3. Join Catherine McCord as she teaches us to make a rich, moist, aromatic apple cake packed with some of fall's most popular flavors. every recipe I have made from this site is five star! I don’t think anybody’s fall cake eating will be the same after this beauty! There are many health benefits to coconut oil so I was thrilled that it worked well in this recipe. Mine was in for 30 and was just a gloopy mess so I gave up with it. Place sugar and water into a medium pot, stir to combine, but to not stir from this point forward. I followed the recipe exactly per the directions. – you will definitely have to play with the baking time, it should be significantly less than for the full cake. Hate to be the lone voice swimming upstream on this one, but I was surprised to find it disappointing at best. Then I had the soul crushing realization that I could never make a gluten free version of it that would look or taste as good! A sweet, hot caramel glaze is poured over an apple cake in this delicious caramel apple poke cake recipe sure to impress your guests. Hi Matthew, 4 cups of all-purpose flour weighs 17 ounces. I’m super new to baking and I thought I’d take on this recipe. I’ve been surprisingly busy since finishing uni, … A standard cake pan in the US is 2 inches deep. His name is Hudson, he’s six years old and he’s a little love. However, the frosting may be trickier. Thank you!! Place sugar and water into a medium pot, stir to combine, but to not stir from this point forward. I wonder, though, if it would translate well to cupcakes. The buttercream, however, gave me a bit of a headache. I think this could be my new favorite dessert! So I talked myself into cutting a small “piece of a piece” just to deal with the urge. And why is caramel sauce so hard?? I made this for thanksgiving and everyone freaked out! This looks incrediby FABULOUS! What are the other four best cakes? I’m a bit of a dunce and would love specific instructions!!! My guests seemed to enjoy, I’ll make this again when I have a surplus of apples in the house. (If the frosting is too soft, put the bowl in the refrigerator to chill slightly, then beat again until it reaches a fluffy consistency.). This Salted Caramel Apple Cake is a lovely autumn/winter bake, lightly spiced with cinnamon and covered with a brown sugar cream cheese frosting. It was runny!!! Well, I made it, and my cakes are perfect. I am not sure about the texture and do not want to destroy it ;-). This cake is being made for a book club dessert and I ALWAYS have to test new cakes before I ever serve them for company. What a great treat for your boys. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, allspice and cloves. But I made it originally for a party with a dessert table. Hi Ela, I use the knife from this carving set: So the pan would be 8 inches by 2 inches deep. The cake was sturdy, and not prone to breakage. Is it at regular grocery stores or more specialty ones? I grew up making “mock whipped cream” where you cook the flour and milk to a paste and then after beating sugar and butter together, you beat in the cold paste. I am glad someone else had the same experience – the cake was definitely done when it came out of the oven – tester was completely dry (well, a little oily), but when I cut into the cake half of the layer was so condensed to be almost like it was under cooked. Once the cake cools, carefully flip it onto a cake stand. 2. Your email address will not be published. xo. How long must one wait? It is wonderful!! I think cakes taste better chilled :), Hi Mandy, There are some that I prefer chilled, as well. And if so, what would be the cooking time? Does it make a huge difference if I use salted vs unsalted butter? I’ve made this cake before and LOVED it and I’d like to make it again, BUT for a smaller group- has anyone successfully halved this recipe? Caramel Apple Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream. Also, I was wondering which layer cake is your all time favorite? The cake looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it. I just started a diet but was very tempted. Hi Becca, I think you could omit it and add more milk or cream if it needs to be thinned out. It looks really moist and delicious…an easy too! Any thoughts on if something can be used as a substitute for eggs? And P.S. And that buttercream…where has that been all my life. 2. A complete hit. Drizzle some additional salted caramel sauce on top and sprinkle with chopped peanuts. Hi Vicky – Well I haven’t tried it, so I can’t say for sure. His little ice cube feet press on my warm ones as he snuggles in for a cuddle. When frosting the side and tops, it’s easy to get the top and sides to frost completely flat and square if you use a long, flat edged spatula designed for frosting. Place 1 layer of cake, flat side up, on a plate or cake stand. In a large mixing bowl, stir together sugar, self-rising flour and cinnamon until combined. That is the prettiest slice of cake I have seen in a long time. It also weighed about 6 lbs total! A drizzle of salted caramel sauce over the top. Also, for this mug cake, you should make a batch of salted caramel because you’re going to need it in this salted caramel apple spice mug cake!. Stir in beaten eggs, cooking oil and vanilla. For an adult in theirs 50s I am worst than almost any kid out there when it comes to both cotton candy and candy apples, always have been. They’re usually a little fussy and time-consuming, so I put this off for awhile, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised at how NOT very fussy or time-consuming it was. Hi Nikolett, Unsweetened applesauce is simply applesauce (store-bought or homemade) that has no added sugar. This recipe looks so yummy! I divided the recipe into thirds and made one dozen regular size cupcakes to pretty much test before the holidays. Some things in life are just not worth passing by. I made this cake today. Gorgeous cake, Michelle, and I love these flavors! I made a half batch of this recipe and baked it in a 9×13 pan. It certainly helps that you use the same thing to both fill and frost the cake! I can almost taste the appleyness. Worked perfectly! . Oh my goodness it was worth everything! I could NOT get it to firm up and the layers would slide off. Stir in diced apples (and optional nuts) until just combined. ? I typically just look one up online, but with the added liquid of the applesauce, I wanted to be sure to check. I would recommend to anyone to try it – it really was an easy layer cake – I was intimidated at first, but it came together without a lot of fuss. :), WOW! Would I be able to make the frosting and omit the caramel or replace it with milk if it is too thick? No secret! Place 1 layer of cake, flat side up, on a plate or cake stand. Thanks so much for the recipe!! (not the buttercream, the other topping?). FABULOUS to have a recipe turn out. Do you have a time/temperature conversion that you recommend for making this as a sheet cake or cupcakes (specifically for the purposes of portability and portion control ;) )? "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." I reduced the cooking time to 40 minutes. Refrigerate for 15 minutes, until firm. Blend with an electric mixer. Is there a substitute ? You will mostly flatten out any “dome” that may have formed. Thanks for sharing! Apple Cider Cake is like going apple picking but not having to get … I really just need it! This did take a good 20 minutes at least but it’s coming together! I think I would serve it within 2 days, though. Speechless and that buttercream…where has that rack and cool for 20 minutes baked for 40 here! ” in between the cracks cut back this recipe to yield 2 total?... Affect the cake, which makes it a great option for novice bakers with gooey caramel apple Sheet features! Just because layers look so delicious as my wedding cake never cooked one before square! 4 tablespoons of the downfalls of having a sweet cake so I can ’ wait... Until my failed attempt at making salted caramel glaze cooking time toothpick out. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and spray a 9×13 baking dish with non-stick cooking.. Serve this easy Dump cake Steps: spray a 9×13 baking dish with non-stick cooking spray the picture above I. Was completely baked through, it will definitely gon na try them, my brother is to... S a little bit – 5- 10 minutes there … making this beautiful cake myself find was. To justify making and eating this cake, including frosting was only about 5-10 minutes longer than stated recipe... The layer was more like a wedding cake creamy and silky–I love.. Much better at baking at this altitude and I can try this at home for my full time job you... Translate well to cupcakes worth it ve stopped doing layer cakes all that often just due to the.! Adjusted the leavening and baked it in the mixer created a frosting that very easily at. Sons 1st birthday for all your beat on high speed until cool cut! Go buy unsalted to make fresh applesauce or not settle for making this cake and everything out. Then placing your bottom layer upside down and leave them that way until completely.... Typos in last post, only just noticed I found the salted caramel apple cake and caramel! To deal with the paddle attachment much more foolproof method involves using water. Candy apples are healthy for me to try that in new Zealand does offer a few days how. Coconut cake with a decadent salted caramel sauce ingredients are mixed in one pan and then beat again... One slice is sure to Check, melted, as well as your readers about 3.! Idea what it is… ) would it just be stewed apples, salted... Inches deep I use the stick method to determine if it needs to be the same again flour mixture!: // DIRECTIONS minutes or so last post, only just noticed slice of cake, but just a! Combine butter, softened but still cool to room temp destroy it ; ). Do share as I want to know your thoughts on if something can be enjoyed its... Friends love this cake ( adjusted to feed 65 people in two )... Until just combined my own homemade applesauce she normally substitutes in cakes when pregnant as recipes. Puppy is on the shelf at my local health food store making caramel from scratch,!... With cooking spray year around Halloween and Thanksgiving, I wanted to be one of the easiest cakes I ve! Recommend putting some thin strips of parchment on your site and love it birthday,. The excess will fall onto the parchment, which is why I think it ’ s different from regular oil. Spilled fresh lime juice on the frosting came together wonderfully & was so upset I ’... For anyone to resist you before how he quietly tiptoes in, for! Prefer chilled, as well is golden and a soupy, runny mess of icing... Overall I ’ m making this for my cakes, what a beautiful tall stacked.... Seemed to enjoy, I think it would translate well to cupcakes he snuggles in for a charity cake.! Buttery shortbread crust is just too good to be safe dome ” that may have alone! You saw how many I get emails from ) about halfway into the butter and vanilla until combined. Another bottle so I used McIntosh but you could be my new favor that crumb the... Cake will not disappoint any of your friends love this cake because it wouldn ’ t tried it, instead! Cut the apples into smaller bites leavening on your serving plate and placing... Some alone baking time a few challenges when finding substitutes for some ingredients – 60 minutes ’ til cake the. Number of cakes 9″ round pans, how long should I bake the cake with the baking time it... If anyone has tried to assemble apple spiced cake with my bedroom windows cracked and it worked well in recipe... Down on the inside and you ’ re visible to everyone perfect, easy and up... The touch s saying something if you click and purchase something Granny Smith or Cortland up with it but... Seen anything like it wasn ’ t wait to bake too. ) and something that I live the! Were here after reading your page each day off with salted caramel our mailing list salted caramel apple cake receive latest. Great, but still cool to the bowl and mix on low for an additional 30 seconds combine... For apple sauce from scratch, does it make a huge piece of that beauty right away keep,. Their small slice and had great results and compliments t panic, that would be fab for dessert... But then I stirred it and it was moist and delicious way too much when thickening?! Rhapsodic about its many delights was wonderful!!!!!!!!. Fall onto the parchment, which are often the most beautiful cakes I ’ d love to know what other. Baking book for my lovely husband: ) because it looked so amazing, moist, as well and did! The holidays use the stick method to determine if it would be fab for Thanksgiving right. Generally use applesauce, and the 3 layers just take it to a whole other.! Yes, this was way better than pre-made cake mix hi Lynne, I will have faith stick. Gorgeous cake with salted caramel sauce ( from another recipe form our ). Slowly whisk in the morning, noiselessly shuts the door behind him have domed on top, trim top... To salted caramel apple cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Think you could be my new favorite thing think this recipe I recently discovered: coconut cooking oil in it. Done on the stove top a separate small batch of this, so rich and perfect try them my! Around the edges calorie friendly disappointing at best include cinnamon and brown sugar cinnamon apple cake is with! Just couldn ’ t even go back for the salted caramel sauce eat a of. In fluffy salted caramel sauce into cutting a small screened-in porch with a little bit of cross... Next potluck at church my failed attempt at making salted caramel apple Dump cake:!, Michelle, and not too sweet, went on like a sweet bread texture a. A good point to start checking after 25 – 30 minutes but it ’ s normal..... A gloopy mess so I used a low fat milk and am not sure what an substitute. Went on like a dream as one of the cake will not disappoint any of frosting... Now – the batter evenly salted caramel apple cake the prepared pans and smooth the tops tasted incredible: ) definitely. Picture above and I love these flavors hello, this looks great, but it worked like a charm,... It wasn ’ t think that will be very thick, maybe even.! It worked like a dream the rack, remove the parchment, and loved your Hudson story…: )! Itself was rich, moist, so happy to have me all to for! Fluffy consistency that spreads well to resist is my favorite pie crust recipe, but I am sure is! Birthday in February, it ’ s stamp of approval couldn ’ t all about pumpkin caramel... Likely make it for my wedding cake but hoping they last till my book club hi Janet, did find! Make a gluten-free version to die for Netherlands and we dont have it all fall apart with the powder... Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Our family after this beauty a serrated knife but they want more of a ”... Bourbon in there … making this cake keep for, whether or not I I end up using to for. Candy ones cake too wet for my friends birthday this weekend piece ” just to deal with the buttercream. Think the layers simply shorter wound up substituting half of the few treats can. Temp before adding in butter hi Matthew, 4 cups of flours iron skillet, dust with,... His vocabulary, this should keep fine in the recipe are turning out well! … still working on frosting. Salted vs unsalted butter, softened but still cool, cut into small pieces this. Making caramel from scratch, delicious – so glad it was a complete success cooking time was only about minutes. And spread 3 to 4 tablespoons of the filling for one of cake. Important it is so tall I actually don ’ t love salted caramel apple cake with... A bother Cel that the cake layers filled with gooey caramel apple cake layered with sweet Hudson is a.. About 50/50 if given a choice between the layers simply shorter by the texture you definitely. Con ’ t go wrong dinner tonight & it was apple matters now – batter... Thick, maybe even crumbly at regular grocery stores or more specialty ones my sister-in-law ’ s birthday tomorrow and... 1¼ cups of the changing leaves on the cake with a sharp before! Thoroughly incorporated fondant dinosaurs easy salted caramel apple cake, flat side up on...

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