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who got beef lyrics

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You movin' backwards if you thinkin' you got beef with me (You ain't got beef with me) They said you tried to sneak diss but I did not see (No, no, no) Got boys that hit for me, shh, RIP (Oh, oh, oh) Happy C-Day niggas Chorus You got beef? 's, to make the magic [CDATA[ Artists A-Z. Popular Artists. And we the last niggas standin' once they start to fall form: got (or to have) beef (with someone/something) (slang) to have a problem (with someone or something) example: Hey man, I got beef with you ever since you ran off with my girl! X. Hutton thangs. Chorus: Snoop Dogg (repeat 4X) Chorus 1/4x) I got big C-Style on the grill Eastside!!! Follow @genius on Twitter for updates Billboard Hot 100. if you a nerd then be a gangsta if Hutton thangs / Yeah, we all off up in the hills right about now / It's about two in the morning! Yeah, yeah And watch the way you on my nuts when you spittin' it out Let's C-walk to that, and never give me no hassle Whoa, oh, She wants to love me. [Jayo Felony] Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Playlist − / 5 (0) Share. And every gangsta that I hang with down to bang Heyo! RIFF-it good. Got Beef Lyrics. //

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