Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is used widely in commercial construction, due to its rigidity, strength, speed and thermal qualities that it provides. The major benefit of using precast concrete, are recognised when looking at the considerable involvement it makes to efficient construction.

The advantages of using precast concrete construction verses traditional block work construction are as follows:

  • High quality - manufactured under controlled conditions, by specialists, in purpose-built factories.
  • Improved aesthetics - from grey off-form (made on steel casting tables) to suit a range of architectural finishes.
  • Design flexibility - using moulds and formwork to suit any requirement.
  • Safer - large use safe work practices, plus construction sites are less cluttered.
  • Higher strengths - long life cycles, high loading capacities & long spans.
  • Faster construction - up to75% less construction times than traditional construction.
  • Lower cost - reduced time on site, reduced propping/scaffolding costs, lower site labour costs, lower materials storage costs.
  • Secure - inherently strong.
  • Fire & disaster resistant - superior performance in all disasters.
  • Less waste - production reduced in manufacturing & exact elements are delivered to site.
  • Durable & low maintenance - up to 100 years service for high use applications.
  • Acoustic benefits - high mass provides an efficient acoustic barrier.
  • Environmentally friendly - manufacturing uses less energy than comparable components, recycled materials used in production, less noise, air pollution & debris on site, allows benefits of thermal mass to be incorporated into designs.
  • Energy efficient - high thermal mass reduces heating and cooling.

MC Building Solutions combines the experience and workmanship with different building methods for precast concrete construction. Thus allowing further reconfiguring of a pre-determined building method and/or design, which may present a more economic, durable, structurally sound and architecturally resourceful type of construction to benefit all parties involved.

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