Concrete Flooring

Floor Preparation

Concrete preparation is the most important step before any new floor coating system can be applied. The correct surface preparation helps to achieve the necessary adhesive bond between the existing/new concrete floor and new coating system.

The first step is to carefully examine the existing/new concrete surface and remove existing coating systems and/or floor coverings.

MC Building Solutions provides our clients with the service to remove existing floor coating systems and/or floor coverings with a combination of special floor grinding discs and scarifying tools.

The most common floor coating systems and/or floor coverings we remove include following:

  • Epoxy and Polyurethene Coatings removal
  • Self Leveling Toppings removal
  • Carpet and Tile removal
  • Glue and Paint removal

Once the existing floor coating system and/or floor covering, the concrete surface is now ready to be re-examined and any cracks or concrete cancer most need to be repaired, before the grinding and polishing process is started.

Floor Grinding and Polishing

Concrete grinding and polishing has been and still is a popular process in the industral and commercial sector, but today the popularity is increasing in the domestic sector, through stylish modern design with polished concrete flooring.

Concrete grinding and polishing involves the process of grinding concrete with varying grits of diamond resin pads/discs. The variety of these pads/discs allows for an assortment of shine, reflectivity, desity, and durability characteristics to rise to the surface. In addition to the mechanical element of concrete polishing, chemicals such as concrete densifiers and hardeners are used which fills the concrete surface pores and increases the hardness of the concrete slab. In addition the concrete surface can be grinded to different depths depending on the scope of works. For example, if the concrete floor needs to resemble a terrazzo floor then the grinding depths will be lower so as to expose aggregate stone. But, on the other hand, if the concrete floor needs to be coated with an epoxy floor coating then the grinding depths and finish will be high, thus less grinding required.

Once the concrete surface has been prepared, grinded and polished, the surface is now ready to be cleaned and dirt removed before being coated with any floor coating system on the market, the most common are as follows: Film or penetrate sealers, Epoxy/polyurethane coatings, Overlay finishes or Waterproofing membranes.

Apart from concrete grinding and polishing, we also provide other services to our client's within the grinding and polishing area, such as cleaning and buffing of existing tiled surfaces which inlcude natural stone and terrazzo. This service will insure that your existing surface being internally or externally is restored and maintained for years to come.

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