Facade Restoration

Facade restoration is one of our company's core services. As a building begins to decay, has structural damage or is in need of a "facelift" you may want to consider building restoration as a solution for retaining the original period features and appearance.

Facade restoration is a broad term which in essence is a makeup of a variety of components and services within the restoration and coating services.

MC Building Solutions focuses firstly and most importantly on the client's needs and requirements, and then determines if the building requires a major repair (structural rectification) or cosmetic repair (non-structural rectification).

When the facade restoration works require major repairs (structural rectification), our training staff will identify and document potential structural problem areas and then consult with a structural engineer or other authorised personnel to develop a scope works based on certified plans for repairing the structure damage, but also maintaining the original appearance features.

On the other hand, if the facade restoration works require cosmetic repair (non-structural rectification). These components and services can range from tuck pointing or re-pointing of brickwork, rending of columns, window replacement or repair to the restoration of architectural fixtures. MC Building Solutions has restoration technicians that are professionally trained to perform this type of cosmetic repairs.

MC Building Solutions, prides it's representation to deliver high quality and lasting solutions, as well as being the innovator to replicate Heritage listed architecture within the building restoration process.

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